Its what Aussies search when they are looking for Wedding Catering

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(This information is based on the search numbers through Google alone)

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                       Domain Name Age

One of the most important criteria used by search engines to rank a website is the age of a domain name. The older the domain names tends to be more stable than newer domains, and offer more credibility to the search engines. If you wish to buy a premium domain name, knowing the age of a domain will help you understand history of the domain name.

has been registered for:

Over 140 searches per month on Google alone

The cost per click that Google charges per click is $1.80

Any traffic generated through this domain name will be generated at no cost!

A keyword-rich, exact match Domain Name. It is the domain most searched by people who are looking for your type of business type in your suburb or location.

Exact match Domains Names: are what the average person will type into Google or another search engine when they are looking for a specific entity in a particular area.

Expired Domain Names: The domain name was previously owned by it, but it could be a local competitor who has sold the business or changed hands, or it could simply be that they have forgotten to pay the renewal fee, and it has expired, which happens all of the time.

Domain names are like great pieces of real estate. They are tightly held, and they rarely come up. Like great real estate is all about the location, location, location; and quite frankly, domain names are online real estate.

The purchase price of any lead generation platform domain name includes all of the following services,

1. The registry registration fees and the AUDA fees.
2. The 301 divert to your nominated website, so when people search your Domain Name it is redirected to your website
3. Monthly checks to ensure all links to your website are working
4. Checks to ensure that the search engine registrations are active.
5. If the links break, as they do from time to time, we will repair these at no cost to you.
6. An annual SEO Boost for the Domain Name.
7. A Google business page specific to the search term

All of the above is included in the purchase price of your Domain Name at no extra charge.

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